Monday, September 19, 2011

Diabetes Outdoor Day

Saturday was Tyler Type One's "Free Family Day" at "Pine Cove" ranch camps.  I was a little worried I would not be able to make the event at first.  Thursday I was starting to feel under the weather and my BG's started to show the ups and downs.  I acted fast and drank as much water I could get into me.  Then on Friday I did the same thing with my BG's up and down and this time it was extremely random.  Have you ever tested yourself 25 times in a day?  That was my Friday.  Then Friday night my wife and I had dinner plans with a couple she teaches with at their house and I was feeling even more under the weather.  Finaly friday night around midnight and after a stern talking to from my wife, and some great food and dessert I felt like Saturday was dooable.
Look at the size of that sign.  I look like a small figurine standing next to this sucker.  Pine cove is a beautiful camp with tons of pine trees, swimming pool, cabins, dining hall, zip lines, sand volleyball, skate park, basketball courts and of course a boating and fishing lake.
My son was crazy excited to get our poles and tackle out and hit the lake for some fishing.  You can see above when we finally got everything set up he was pulling in the crappie.  Lots of vegetation had grown in the lake and was hard for my son to manuver his new rattle trap lure.  I am always big on just set a line with a worm and bobber on it or put some catfish bait on a trebble and wait for them to bite.
The crappie would jump on your line like nothing using the bobber and worm method.  Above is one of my several fish I caught.  You get tired after an hour or so pulling these little guys out one after another.  My son and I have one trait in common when it comes to fishing, and that is first of all just catch something then work on catching the big one.
Look at that fish Zaine caught.  He was bugging me that after lunch he wanted to get out in a canoe and see if he could use his crank bait.  I told him he was wasting his time and he should stick to the shores with me and fish.  Wow was I wrong.
He was so proud of this one he paddled from one side of the lake to the other just to prove how wrong I was.

At the end of the day we were tired, smelled like fish, and full of sories.  I keep singing the praises of and how awesome they are.  This was a fantastic day and one for the memories.  Everyone was so nice and the event was laid back and do as you please.  The best thing was that it did not cost a dime.  During lunch my son saw this little girl with an OmniPod on her arm and it looked about twice the size wide as her arm was.  Zaine said to me, "Dad, if you thought you had problems knocking pods off on doors, imagine what she has to go through."  I then made the comment to him that I was with my people!  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  I am such a dork, but one that is accepted by most.

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