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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to stock up

A buddy at work was wanting to head to Harbor Freight during lunch this week to pick up a sander and some screw drivers.  He bought a house about 3 months ago and is doing the usual fixing, repairing, and remodeling.

I love going to Harbor Freight to pick up items that are pretty much the same no matter where you get them from or the price.  Sockets, screw drivers, gloves, and hammers are gennerally the same.  Lets say you get a 16oz hammer from Sears or from Home Depot.  It is still a hammer and it will still hurt when you hit your thumb just the Harbor freight one cost 3 dollars and the other ones cost more.

I was not excited about going but love to check prices on items I have my eyes on.  Then last night I get the email that set me off.  The dollar days super sale!  This is the best time to stock up on all those items you lose over the years, or just need more of.

When it comes to camping and diabetes you need your survival kit well stocked and ready to use.  My favorite item to have with my compass is a magnesium fire starter which runs normally at Harbor Freight for 2.99 and during dollar days it is 2.00.  That is the deal of the century even at 2.99.  You can get magnessium fire starters from 4.99 all the way up to 12.99 at other stores.  Now you are saying to me, What the heck is a magnesium fire starter and why do I need it?

Harbor Freight Manesium Fire Starter

Once I have demonstrated how they work or they see the video avoe people say at this time, wow that is a neat fire starter but wouldn't just having matches or a lighter be easier to keep in my car, purse, diabetes bag, or backpack?  I do agree that matches and lighters are much easier to use and that is why they are more dangerous.  If you have small kids or any size kid, the first thing they want to do when the see a match or ligher is play with it.  This either runs your ligher out of gas or you have no matches to burn when you need them.  Next kids and playing with fire is never good.  I had two buddies in jr. high that were flicking matches at each other while walking on campus during a newspaper field trip to Oklahoma University.  Just having fun right, the next thing they do is turn around and see the field behind them on fire.  They wound up paying a fine and being on juvy probation for 6 months.

Magnesium fire starters work when they are wet, they are safe to cary in the heat and don't run out of gas.  The real safety is if a small child gets a hold of it they just think it is a piece of metal rather than a fire starter and either just throw it away or put it in their mouth and try to teeth on it. Teenagers are easily discouraged from playing with it since you have to shave the metal off and then use the striker side.  This requires them to find a spot to put the shavings and then start the fire.  Of course you should educate everyone how to use it safely and practice.  If you have a Harbor freight near you, I would reccomend spending 2 dollars for each car, your house, and a diabetes survival bag.

Here are a few examples to show.  Some seem less expensive but don't forget shipping costs.

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