Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Head gear

I was getting things out and making sure they all work properly for the camping season coming up. With the short days and cool weather on the way I came across one of my many lights I keep scattered across my camping equipment and our house.  Now I picked this 3 led, 2 AAA  light at Lowes with 2 others and it also came with 6, 8 led compact flashlights.  This was the black friday special 2 years ago that ran for something like 10 bucks.  I also picked up like 100 AA batteries for 5 bucks as well and am still using them today.  Money well spent.

These headlamps are a must have for diabetics doing any sort of outdoor activity at night or just to have in the car.  The reason is simple, with your light on your head you can use both hands to prick your finger for BG tests or change out a pump site.

Now you can get the clip on the bill lights that does about the same thing.  I have tried these and no they are not the same.  The reason they are different is that a headlamp tilts to look down where you place it and the clip on the bill light you have to move your head up and down and all around to get the light where you want it and that will drive you insane and if you are in the tent getting changed you don't want to have to put on your hat to test your BG's.  I do have lots of friends that swear by the clip on the bill light but we are talking about diabetics.  They do make a green led clip on the bill light that will illuminate any animals eyes, and when I say any animal I mean from spiders to wolves it shows them all.

OK so the negatives of the headlight are having a light strapped to your head gets annoying if worn for any length of time.  You also still have to turn your head to move the light from side to side and with that there are constant adjustments if people come talk to you there is the turn the light out of thier eyes and adjusting the light to your pace when walking the trail.  That is why I usually wear clothes with pockets so I have my handheld flashlight in my pocket and when it comes to testing time or pumping I can bust out my headlamp.  This model I am showing is considered a 3 led lamp but one is red and how often do you want to hang out at night with the red light district going off on your head.  So you only really use the 2 led mode.  I do have a couple other headlamps that are higher on the Lumins scale.  Friends of mine really like the ones with the center "mohawk" strap as well.

I keep several lights on me when camping.  First there is the small tent lantern, then the hand held flashlight, and the zipper light, and then theres the headlight.  The most important one for my diabetes is the headlight.  I can survive without any one of these lights and when backpacking I reduce it to only my hand held light but, I always miss my headlight.  I would recomend to any diabetic to get a headlamp for the great outdoors.  Even in your car you never know when you will need a light and both hands.  Oh wait a minute with diabetes you always need a light and 2 hands in the dark.

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