Friday, July 15, 2011

Three weeks alone

My wife has been out of town for the past three weeks.  She is a teacher and the first week she had a class to attend near Fort Worth so she stayed with her sister.  Then the next two weeks she has been on a 4,500 mile road trip with our son and her parents.  Being home alone with diabetes you always have to check in with your spouse to first let them know you are OK and second to let them know what you are doing, and last is just to talk.  I took the above picture coming home from Oklahoma on the 4th of July.  Back to my "Car Fishing" it is the first new Fiat 500 I have seen so I had to get it.

Here is me at work.  I sent this to my wife after she tells me what part of the country they are at and what they are doing with all the excitment they are having.  So I sent her a picture of what I was doing, work.

I did some Aldi shopping.  Not exactly healthy but I get nervous with the wife gone and it affects my BG's alot so I convert to alot of carbs and easy to cook items.  I try to hit the rec center alot as well so time is of the essence.

Mmmmm, buffalo "style" chicken strips.  Let me just say, not so good.  The package makes them look glazed in a buffalo sauce but it is all the breading.

During the week I have scouts on monday, then tuesday I run, and wednesday I rest.  After having our fence rebuilt I kept some panels to turn into rustic picture frames and other assorted rotten wood items.  This is my attempt at making a gun rack for our cabin.  My son does not have a designated place for his guns so they are always either propped on the wall or just put in a corner (always unloaded of course) so I wanted to make a wall rack so he can keep them out of the way.

I go stir crazy without the rest of the family so Princess Riley Puff-n-Stuff (that is her actual registered name) laid on the kitchen floor in deep thoughts.

Once the other dogs saw how much fun laying on the kitchen floor was Archie and MoMo had to join us.
Baby Pan-Pan (named after the Little Ceasers personal pan pizza) is going crazy without my wife to harass.  I like to pull her hair and chase her around the house so I am not her favorite.  She is sleeping on my wifes side of the bed every night just meowing at me for her to come home.  She is starting to get hair knaps on her back because she is stressed and thinks it will just be a life with me around.  She also sits next to the door looking like it is almost time to run away.

More car fishing.  I got this photo of a Lamborghini, when I was leaving work one day.  This would be one that got away because the picture is not clear of the vehicle by my standards.  It does pay to work down the street from a ferrari/masserati dealership and an Audi/Porsche dealership that services Labo's

Ah, the harvest of the grapes.  We have a small vinyard in the back yard and are having a great season this year.  Here are some of our goldens I picked because they are right for eating.  I go out each day after work and pick the ripe grapes.  This helps keep me occupied and not stressing on my family or being home alone.

My way home I see this fire in the exact direction of our house.  I could only think to myself what had I left on at the house to burn it down?  Also wouldn't my neighbor (He is a T1 as well) call me and let me know my house is on fire?

Was I relieved to see that the fire was not my house.  It was in a mobile home park down the way.  Probably some kids with leftover fireworks playing around and it got out of control.

The family will be home this saturday and I am so excited.  I want to hear all the great stories, see the pictures, and maybe they have gifts for me.  Having diabetes and being alone for anytime means you have to do things differently and that is my point of this posting.  My family and I have done this for several years since she is a teacher, he is a student and I work, but I want to let the rest of you know out there that it is not time as usuall.  Make sure you adjust everything with your testing and also in contact with someone regularly.  I stressed my wife out a couple of times when I did not respond to her texts or phone calls, but I would respond as soon as I could.  I ate more carbs to deal with the stress and had "to do" items so that I was busy.  Take care and I hope the rest of you T1's understand what is at stake when home alone for anytime.

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! As soon as I read your blog name I thought, "wow, we're going to have a lot in common!"
    I am a hardcore camper in the sense of backcountry camping. Canoe trips and backpack trips are my favourites.
    I haven't done much though since the split with my ex as camping was both of our major passions and I'm not dealing so well with the split.
    I have only just started perusing your blog and I love all the pictures! going back to read some more! It's nice to meet you!