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Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Fishing, sort of...

 I keep telling you all that you need to keep an eye on free classes through your state department of wildlife.  This weekend we had a "Learn how to fly fish" class on Saturday and if you remember my spring break to Tennessee and how bad I was at fly fishing, this was a must for me.  Above you can see my first class was "how to tie a fly" and I learned the basics of fly tying and made a real nice woolly booger.
 Here is my woolly booger almost done and really learned how simple fly tying is and how much fun it is.  The teachers were real patient for a non artistic person like myself.
 The woolly booger is all complete and they showed me how to cut back some of my wool and make it a great fly for future use.
 Here is another class where they teach us "how to find the fish" and it was a great learning class that had the students placing the fish on the mat you see on the table.  The class also covered a fun subject on how to match your fly to what the fish are eating.  They had sample critters in test tubes and as a real eye opener to see how the bug has to fit into the surrounding as well.
Most of my time was spent in this class "how to cast a fly rod" because I found out on vacation that fly fishing is about 90% casting and another 5% proper setting of a hook, then the other 5% is luck.  We had enough fly fishing masters there so that they could easily spend lots of time with each student.  They looked at my technique, adjusted what I was doing, and also showed me different rods that feel different.  I spent a solid six hours at this event and had a great time.  They also provided lunch for free and had a fly rod vendor bring out about a billion rods that they let everyone try out.  The only downside to the whole event was that we didn't actually get to fly fish.  What I am learning about fly fishing is that it is all skill and technique so guess I am going to have to invest in a fly rod and go out and give it another whirl.

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