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Thursday, June 14, 2012


OK, I admit that when driving to and from work I observe other drivers and what they are doing.  The big thing for me is trying to see cool cars but also I get a sense of what other people do in their car.  Recently I have noticed like probably everyone else that texting while driving is becoming the number one thing to do at red lights.  I don't think texting while driving is safe but I am OK with the red light texter, just as long as they go on green.  Recently I came across the motorcycle gentleman above.  Now this guy as you can tell is more of style than anything else.  First he is doing the no helmet thing and has a very stylish bike that you can tell he was not very good a driving because he never got above 30 mph and he did alot of wobbling.  The thing that caught my eye is the red cord you see hanging from his bag.  When I first saw this he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his phone which was attached to this red cord and I was like that is real smart to tether the phone to his bag so that if it slips out of his hand it just dangles and he can retrieve it with no damage.  Then about four red lights later I realized this was no cool device saver but the red cord was his ear buds and he was listening to his tunes while barely able to drive his bike at ten miles below the speed limit.  The thought came to me as to why does he need to distract himself so much and tempt danger to look cool and listen to your tunes.  This distraction goes for diabetes as well.  we often put distractions out there on our own that harm us.  I am probably the worst at it by not reading labels properly and doing more of the guessing how many carbs I have instead of verifying how many carbs I actually ate.  Then I rarely check the fat as well.  When I do take the extra time and do a good job my numbers run good and life is great but I seem to have to distract myself (just like the guy above) and not simplify my life by taking out the distractions.

Example number two here.  This was a lady I saw driving next to me and she had on the dash of her Suburban about 20 of these rubber duckies staring her in the eyes.  Who needs rubber duckies on their dash and how distracting is that?  If she hits the brakes real hard a hunter in a truck next to her my shoot these air born ducks or something.  Not to mention she is dangling things from her rear view mirror.  This seems as dangerous as the motorcycle guy.  I have a friend going to Africa in July and he mentioned to me how he had to go out and buy so much stuff for his trip.  I told him not to stress about stuff but to comprehensively go through what he has and what he will need for the trip.  The he needs to go out and get the other items he does not have and try them out in town to make sure these things work in his lifestyle and how to use them.  The worst thing I ever see when camping is people that come with us and pull out their gear and rip off the just bought tags from their gear.  Never travel with an unknown and never put freaking rubber duckies on your dash.  Remember those people in the 90's that put the beanie babies in the back glass of their Mitsubishi Eclipse cars?  To take a line from Dr. Phil: "Come on people and lets get real!"

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