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Monday, June 11, 2012

Does Diabetes and Water go together?

 So my wife has inspired me to do more activities this summer.  She has been doing a crazy amount of running, biking, and swimming not to mention playing on a soccer team and basketball team.  Seeing her do all this has inspired me to do more than camp and run.  We live in an HOA neighborhood that has a pool but this pool is for everyone and it is not set up for lap swimming.  What I do to get around the families at the pool is go early or about an hour before it closes and I can get some laps in.  Swimming has never been exciting for me except doing laps.  I love to just swim laps, no horse playing or throwing things entertains me, just laps.  The picture above is not of me it is a stock photo.
Currently I can go to the pool and swim for about an hour before even laps get boring but I never really wear out.  I guess I am like those dolphins or something and can just swim laps all day.  The thing is though about 12 hours after a swim my BG's dive like a rock and I get starvingly hungry.  I understand the hunger part but the delayed lows drive me crazy and now have started to wonder is it just me that swimming does this to or is it some sort of traditional diabetes routine that happens to all diabetics?  Does chlorine react with insulin and makes it work better, maybe diabetes plus sunshine and water do not mix, or is it some sort of diabetes and water do not go together?  Let me know if any of you out there ever come across this or if its just me and water.  If I could just figure out this diabetes swimming thing I could be on track to think about triathlons again.  Swimming is great if you are looking to get rid of some belly fat as well but just do be like me and eat half a pizza afterwards.  Kind of makes the swimming null in void.

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