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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are you asking the right question?

 I had a teacher in college that used to always say "are you asking the right question?"  She was a computer science teacher and I was taking some sort software class that we had all sorts of issues with SQL and Access.  What the teacher meant was that the software would only give you the results you are asking and if the results are not what you are looking for then you are asking the wrong questions.  On a side note, how freaking bald am I going, and look at all the grey in the beard.  It looks like I am old and need to do something about that.
 I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses about a year ago when I had them on my head as I was trimming some trees on the ranch.  These were wire frame amber tint with a real nice polarization to them that made the world look nice, kind of like that song "Rose colored glasses"  I can't remember who sang it.  Ever since that awfull day when out at the land I always retrace my steps praying to find them until recently when I decided to replace them (I mean actually spend some money on new ones, I have several pairs in the truck that people have left over time).  The issue was I didn't want to spend a fortune and I like more of a classic look than any of the new fangled Oakley sharp edged models. 
 The look for a serious new pair of sunglasses went into high gear when at the fly fishing event on Saturday the instructors said you cannot fly fish without a pair of solid polarized glasses.  They let me know that sunglasses help you see in the water and helps you place the fly in the right spot.  So I left the class with a list of first get a new pair of sunglasses, then find a solid cheap fly rod, then get some flies, and last catch some fish.
I stopped by a few places like Gander Mountain that had some nice sock liners for sale but no sunglasses under 100 bucks and that my friend is way out of the question for some sunglasses.  Then while at Academy Sports I came across in the fishing section some sunglasses that stopped me in my trap.  the sunglasses had the +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and I instantly knew what that meant.  These were fishing sunglasses with readers built in them.  I almost yelled: Yippee in the store because if you are new to this blog, I have had two cataract surgeries and when you have you eyeballs replaced with plastic they don't move so you can see but you can't read.  You have to adjust the written word to match what your plastic eyes can see.  I personally am a +2.00 and the pair you see in these pictures are just that.  See all this time I was asking the wrong question.  I was asking for sunglasses not knowing I needed to be looking for fishing readers because fishermen are older quite often and they have to see the fish so their glasses are tinted hence the reader amber colored sunglasses.  Look in the picture above you can see the line just below the "Atlantic" in the background (that is where I work) and that is where the readers are at.  These glasses are so sweet because they are amber colored, have an old man look, and the readers are low so you don't even see them unless you are actually reading.  Then guess the price?  Yes you are correct they cost me a solid 25 bucks.  Life is so good for this diabetic with my reader sunglasses, reader safety glasses, lighted readers with USB rechargeable batteries, and I have a set of prescription glasses.  Now I can read anywhere and at anytime.

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  1. My favorite are still the lighted readers! Never seen anything like them.