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Thursday, June 7, 2012

American Digger

 Have any of you ever been a kid or are still a kid?  Have you ever played outdoors and found yourself trying to dig a hole to China?  Well if any diabetic out there has this diabetic has and when it came to being in my backyard  and digging holes I did it all my life.  The other day I was up late with some low BG's and stumbled across this "American Digger" show on Spike TV and I was hooked pretty fast.  This is Rick Savage the wrestler from the 80's and he now digs relics out of peoples yards.  Then he sells them at full retail and splits the profit with the land owner.  Sounds pretty simple right?  It is pretty simple, just getting to dig is the hardest part for Rick because he is not knocking on our houses he is in prime relic areas that people don't like you unearthing our past.
 This show was right up my alley because if you remember last year my post on metal detecting at my land well this show is all about the metal detector and I love treasure hunting and that is what these guys do and to top it all off they find treasure.  Finding something is very important in these shows because remember that "Gold Rush" show where the bumbling idiots go to Alaska to play in the dirt trying to find gold?  Yeah great show if you like to see next to no gold found and everyone going broke.  This "American Digger" show gets that kid spirit back out of you and makes you want to search for hidden gems in your yard again.  I still remember the time I buried a metal box full of Mardi Gras coins in it hoping they would be valuable when I grew up.  Then I forgot where I buried the box until my dog was digging in my backyard and when I came by with the lawn mower yellow and gold aluminum coins started shooting out of the mower and at that time I realized that the lost gold of diabetes had been found and the coins were all oxidized and worth nothing.
The bad part about this show is that it is on Spike TV so that means the production value is on the lower side.  Then the show progresses a little on the slow side so now I record the show and can watch the entire 30 minute episodes in about ten minutes.  Last there is the Rick Savage "boom" every time he finds something and it gets on your nerves knowing he does it for patent style points.  In the end this show is really good and Rick is great with his due diligence and historical knowledge.  The are good to the land owners by paying them their fare share and restoring the land to its original state.  Rick makes a great point that the people that don't want these items dug up are actually the bad people since the ground is destroying these great artifacts and if he digs them up people can see them and they can be appreciated.  Left in the ground they are gone forever.  I do wish they would talk more on how the art of relic hunting goes about.  He talks about that he does this research but never really goes into the detail about how someone like you or I can do it, nor does he go into much detail on his detectors and equipment.  They could have several episodes on just the equipment they use and why they use certain brands and how they use it.  Looks like I will be going out and getting a new 9 volt battery so I can find more of that diabetes treasure.

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