Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tornado Damage.

 So my mother lives in Moore, OK and not sure if you heard but recently a tornado came through there.  She was lucky and her neighborhood was not hit at all, but as soon as you leave her neighborhood and go across the street is where the tornado hit.  Since this past weekend was Memorial weekend and I had already planned on coming to Oklahoma to visit I called and canceled my plans because of the tornado.  That is when my mother assured me that I would be OK at her house and that she wanted me to come up and hang out.
 The picture above is of a church that was hit by the tornado and if you look behind the tents you can see the steeple that was blow off the top but in almost perfect condition.
 Here is a picture from I-35 heading north at the medical buildings that were hit.  When I saw this I was worried about how I was going to make it to my mothers house.  She lives near 4th and Santa Fe which is where you see the Channel 5 national broadcast from.  Good thing again was that alot of the streets had been cleaned and what signal lights that were still out had stop signs.  The first responders and clean up crews get two diabetic thumbs up for their work and efficiency.
 This is a picture of where alot of the aid workers were set up across the street from alot of damage.  It is absolutely amazing how like right in the middle of where the tornado hit there is a Sonic drive in and was basically untouched from what I could see and they were packed with people eating there.
 This is a photo about a half mile from my mothers place as I drove through the heart of where the tornado hit.  Power lines already restrung and debris put into nice piles.
In the end it is always hard to prepare for anything and the people that lost their lives is a tragedy.  We can't stop everything, but just being prepared for disasters similar to this is very useful.  The rest of the week I will be posting about items we all need to have with us and around our house to help in situations like this.  Once I arrived at my mothers house we went over what she did in the tornado and her emergency items and I must say she is pretty much ready for most situations.  Maybe it was being married to an Eagle scout and raising both her sons to become Eagle scouts but she was well planned and prepared.

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