Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I have to give you all a funny (well not funny if anyone got hurt) update to my recent run in with a truck.  The picture above is an SUV-minivan-car thing that is stuck somehow in the power lines that hang out over the road.  This is the exact intersection where I was hit by the truck.  I think we will now for sure find a new way to cross the street.  Which could be a new set of jokes for me, why did the diabetic cross the street?  To get away from the truck that hit him earlier in the year or something.  I will work on my getting hit by a truck line of comedy.
 That was my follow-up and now I want to talk about "cute" creatures to not take so lightly.  A couple of weeks ago my dogs were outside barking away at 4:00am and so I went down to let them in but only Archie wanted in and Riley was just running her mouth off so I had to investigate what she was up too.  She was at the side gate just itching to get something and I couldn't see anything but from what she was telling me it was there and finally when the sun started to rise I saw the "cute" mouse hanging out on the fence next to the house.  Yes, this guy is so cute but No, he is not harmless and don't think you are saving the environment by letting him go either.  This field mouse that came up from the creek a couple of blocks away because of the rain will cost you money if you don't kill them.
Here is the field mouse from the other side of the fence.  I poked him with a metal rod so the dogs could have hours of fun catching him.  The reason you don't let "cute" critters just go sometimes is because first when it is dry they love to eat your sprinkler system to get at the water in the plastic line.  Don't think they can eat your sprinkler system?  Trust me they can and will.  Then if you have a gas grill they will chew on the hose leading from the tank to your burner so the next time you turn it on if the gas is just a slow leak you could have a field mouse bomb.  Now lets move onto the snakes I get because they eat these things.  Next, the mice like to get into your dryer tubes and once they are in there they easily are running around your house dropping feces and spreading malaria or something.  How about your garage?  They get in there chew up stuff and make nests out of your camping gear or tent and the next time you are out camping and pull out that fancy tent you bought last year you get to see how a field mouse put a sweet hole in it and had babies on the floor of it.  Kill them before they cost you.  I think this is why I have always enjoyed having pets, even though my dogs are not use full for much they keep alot of the critters out of my house.  When I was a kid we hat a cat that was like a freakin puma.  I never saw a live mouse until we put her down and that is when I realized that those thousands of mole heads, mouse bodies, half living crows she would let go of in the house were from our backyard and not down the street at "other" peoples homes.  The animals we keep help keep us.

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