Friday, May 17, 2013


 I totally had another item I wanted to post for today but this morning I received a phone call from my brother.  He tells me that whenever I put pictures of him in my blog that he looks like a fairy.  Does the picture above make my brother look bad in any way?  Of course not.  Then he goes into this rant about how the gas price in Oklahoma City is like four bucks and went into how Kansas has like 3.50 dollar a gallon gas and some person he plays inter-web games with in another state pays like 3.25 a gallon.  Then he asks me what the price is in Dallas and I let him know it is a rough 3.40 a gallon and he just gets all mad and stuff, talking about how this is wrong and Oklahoma always has cheaper gas and bla, bla, bla.
That is when I stopped him and told him to just let it go.  There is nothing you can do about it and surfing the inter-web for a cheap station that gets you  price discount of .02 is not worth the stress in your life.  A person a long time ago once told me when I was bragging how I found cheap gas to stop and look at the savings for this bragging I was doing.  It came out to a whopping .46 cents and that was something that I was proud of.  They then let me know to not worry about the little things and just buy gas and that extra 10 bucks you spend over a year is not going to hurt you but the stress will (I have diabetes and stress is bad).  I took this information to heart and now on I don't stress about anything that I personally cannot change.  There is no point to it, you just have to accept it and be happy.  My brother agreed and we hung up the phone and I feel that he probably had a much better day after that by not worrying any more about crap that is out of his control.

I used to stress out about "being diabetic" as a kid.  I hated being different (besides my personality I love being different that way), so it depressed me and I did not manage myself properly during my high school and early college days.  Then I accepted that I was not going to cure myself by ignoring my disease and actually decided to take care of myself and lord be how much better life is by just accepting that I can't cure myself but I can take care of myself and that made me "more diabetic" and now I love telling anyone that I am diabetic, cracking diabetes jokes, and taking my shirt off to prove I have a disease with my CGM sensor and pump site on my insulin ravished fat rolls.

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