Monday, February 27, 2012

Trout Fishing Day!

Saturday was the annual Trout Fishing Derby in McKinney Texas.  I am always asking my son if we are doing too much kid stuff.  He is 16 now and tells me that as long as I am not complaining about the cost and he is having fun he will do every kid activity until he is 18 with me.
We have attended this event for something like four years now and this year was the most amazing of them all.  First the weather was like in the 70's and the sky was clear and the fish were biting.  What makes this event so fun is that it is held at a local lake and you are catching trout not catfish, bass, or crappie which you can catch anywhere in Texas at most any time.
The event starts at 8:00am and we arrived about 9:30am and it was packed.  We had to almost push kids in the lake just to make room.  This thing was nut to butt till around 10ish.   My son had a few friends show up around 11ish and they hung out and caught some fish.  Then once the official event ended at 1pm another friend and all his boys show up and so we all stayed till around 4pm to hang out with them and the fish kept biting.
What is so important about events like this?  First, they are usually free and as a diabetic we all like that.  don't we already pay enough to do things.  Then, they usually are different like this events catching trout in Texas.  Last, they are like ready made day outs for the whole family.  The trout derby had hot dogs, prizes for the largest fish and the smallest fish and awards for different age groups.
I would suggest to anyone to look at your local city websites and find the event calendar for similar activities like this.  Then you need to make sure to check out your states parks and wildlife website for all sorts of outdoor activities.  I am cheap and therefore am always cruising city websites when I have an open Saturday.  Usually there is something in the area that is free, fun, and different.

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