Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Post Race Fun!

Once I finished the Stone bridge half marathon I had another obligation before I could head home to rest my weary soul.  That Saturday was scouting for food in our city and I changed into my uniform (yes I was still stinky) and headed to the McKinney food pantry to work.  Since I got there at 11:30ish the day was about half over and everyone let me just work at a half pace.

Here is a picture of a few others working the drop off station.  What happens is the scouts bring the food they collected from walking the neighborhoods and drop it off at the food pantry.  Then we take milk crates and put 25 cans in each crate and take it inside and a boy does a hash mark for each crate.  That way we know how many cans were collected.  Then we have people checking expiration dates, sorting, and stocking the shelves.  This day is like an assembly line for donations.

Once we finished all we could a few of us headed over to a place called Hutchins BBQ.  I have never been there but let me tell you something they make some real good BBQ.  They even have an "all you can eat" plate.  I did not go for the all I could eat plate but I should have.  This stuff was like heaven in my mouth, or it might have just tasted like that after a long hard day.  BBQ usually throws my blood sugars into a spin but after a half marathon and working the food pantry for four hours my blood sugars held steady in the 116 to 125 range the rest of the weekend.  Maybe I should be this active every day?

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  1. I'd say all the hard work was worth it..if you got BBQ! ; )
    My son gathers food too, and sometimes our own church pantry gets it-lots and lots of work, I know. Just know it goes to an awesome cause. : )
    And woohoo on the half marathon!!!