Thursday, February 23, 2012

A tip for lazy people like me

At work I often drink protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, and fiber drinks.  My work provides us with all the bottled water we could ever want and I am not a huge fan of the shake maker bottle things.  I just hate cleaning those things out.  The issue is with getting the powder into the little hole of the water bottle.  I used to just do my best to pour the powder into the bottle and clean up afterwards.  Then the powder would find its way into my papers and keyboard.

Now I have come up with a solution.  The memo pads my company gives us at work make a great funnel.  I have tried making a funnel out of post it notes but they seem to be too small and the sticky stuff does not work so well.  Now when I make a fancy protein shake or other mixed work drink I bust out an important memo sticky and never have another mess at my desk.  This trick might seem insignificant but it helps me with my laziness and keeps my desk cleaner than otherwise would be.  You know what they say, a clean diabetic is a good diabetic.  OK so no one says that but they should.

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