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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ice-mageddon 2013

So let me tell all of you that Dallas is an interesting place to be when the temperatures fall below zero and there is snow or ice.  Those of us in Dallas are willing to deal with all the days of 100 plus degree days because a majority of us hate winter.  I am one of those that hate winter.  We get like maybe a day of snow or a day of ice and those few days is where the entire country points their finger at us and laughs themselves silly.  The recent ice-magedon 2013 caused an interesting scare for everyone.  There was a three story building that had ice on the roof and when it defrosted a bit it all came crashing down onto a few cars destroying them.  Luckily there were no people under the falling ice because it would have not been so funny any more but probably tragic. 


So once these ice videos hit the inter-web, every Dallas-ite when outside kept their eyes to the sky to make sure were not going to be killed by falling ice.

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