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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Illegal Underground Diabetes Black Market

Last Sunday my good diabetic buddy Jeff was in a pinch.  He is on the Omnipod system and for anyone who uses an Omnipod knows of the dreaded errors and such.  Jeff's Omnipod was going crazy and he was three days out from getting a replacement.  The thing is Jeff didn't have any long acting insulin on hand so he could go onto shots while he waited by the mailbox for his replacement.  So what do we do in these situations?  Of course we do what all good diabetics do, and that is break the law!  Jeff called me and asked if I had any Lantus on hand, which I had two bottles on hand.  We met up and I also gave him my old Omnipod thingy and one old pod I had left over from when I was on that goofy system that breaks down all the time.  I like to refer to these transactions as "The illegal underground diabetes black market" because, it is against the law to share prescriptions with another person but us highly effective diabetics do it because on a weekend about half of the supplies we use is not found at your local pharmacy so when an issue arises and no matter how much planning you do all the time you will have an issue someday, and that is why we rely on each other to get us through.  This is just the diabetes code!  Recently another diabetic friend of mine was traveling but was going to be gone when his shipment of CGM sensors were to arrive at his house and he was on his last sensor.  He contacted me to see if he could borrow one of mine and give me one of his when he got back.  We didn't have to make this exchange because he found another diabetic that was closer to him (we live like 40 miles apart) and did the same exchange.  This is why I will keep telling each and every one of you, diabetic or not.  You need to have a good network of people around you at all times weather it be car issues, or illegal underground diabetes black market needs.  A solid network of friends, coworkers, and diabetic elves will always get you out of a bind.

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