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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Diabetes Christmas

 So I was decorating for Christmas and I wanted to theme the little amount of cheer I show around the house.  I have a few random things left over from what my Ex left me so I put those things up.  then I decided what fun it would be to do a diabetes themed Christmas.
The Christmas tree seemed the perfect place to start (OK, I didn't get very far).  I realized that there were lots of old meters, test strip bottles, and finger prickers I could put holes in and hang them on my tree.  Well from the picture above you can see I didn't exactly get very far but I have all sorts of ideas for next year.  I was thinking to save old insulin bottles and drilling a hole in them and putting them on a string of lights and wrap my tree in them.  Then I had all sorts of stringing gross dirty test strips and stuff together.  We will see how far I get but so far I had a great time. 

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