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Monday, December 9, 2013

Diabetes potty humor

So I have been coming up with some pretty solid and funny "blue" diabetes humor.  My best one so far is when I tell people that they can't get diabetes from me unless they sit on a toilet after me.  Then when people ask me how I came down with diabetes I tell them I sat on a toilet after a diabetic and that is how I contracted the disease.  Then my buddy Jeff was playing around on the book of faces one day and came across the picture above.  He posted it on my book of faces wall and said that if they had these toilet protectors 25 years ago I would have never come down with diabetes.  That my friends is a quality well crafted diabetes joke.  I have been recently telling people when they ask what my insulin pump is, I just say it is a penis pump and they get embarrassed real quick.  That one is becoming one of my favorite things to tell people.  If you can't embrace this horrible disease we will have for the rest of our lives we might as have at least a small amount of fun with it.

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