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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Diabetes Trash

 The other day was trash day and like most suburbs our trash is almost 100% automated and the trash dude just drives the truck.  I am sure we will have full automation in the near future but the problem with the trash guy only driving the truck is that he could give two flips if any trash doesn't make it into the truck.  I remember as a kid the trash guys would make sure everything got into the truck and they would put your trash can lids back on and everything.  Those were the good old days.  Now on trash days I have to do the cleanup when I get home as to not have plastic bags in my trees and the such.
When I inspected the remnants of trash left by the automated trash arm thing I saw that even the trash man rejects my diabetes and left my diabetes waste on the ground.  This cracked me up because all of us diabetics know one thing, and that is all diabetes stuff has a magnetic field around it and they stick to everything besides trash bags and trash cans.  The usual suspects are test strips on floors, and random places but I seem to find pieces of pump supplies and things in all corners of my diabetes world.

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