Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ride of my life!

This past Saturday we had our second kick off ride for the DFW tour de cure.  I love this season of hopes and dreams that I will be faster than last year and that my butt will never be sore and all sorts of impossible other things.  There is just one thing that always bugs me about the tour de cure.  That is the slogan for the ride.  It is called: "The ride of your life" and that to me means that once you have done it then you can't ride it again because what sense does it make to have a ride of my life every year if the last one was of my life.  Like do I have to jump through burning hoops one year and the next I have to do the Happy Days jumping of the shark and so forth?  A wise person once told me years ago that you are never supposed to describe things as "the best" or "greatest day of my life" and so forth.  That is because it symbolizes that you will never get any better or do something better than that in your life.  Describing things like that puts the rest of your life as a downhill spiral out of control or something.  So my buddy Jeff always bugs me about this because he knows it gets under my diabetes laden skin.  He says stuff to me like: that was the training ride of your life, and this is the next ride of your life and so forth.  Fun stuff but I just wish for a different slogan so I don't have to prepare myself every year for the greatest day ever of my entire life.  That is alot to expect from just pedalling a bike.

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