Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let there be light!

I will tell you something, I hate the dark.  Not that I am scared or anything of the dark, it is I am a klutz and half blind so adding no light to the mixture does not help the situation out.  So when I go camping I bring a variety of flashlights to make my issues with dark and stuff better.  I have a giant flood flashlight that is 500 lumins, then I have a small pocket flashlight that is 100 lumins, and I have a coal miners thing that is 250 lumins, not to mention I have a lantern for my tent and stuff.  In certain situations I don't bring all these flashlights with me at all times, say for instance if I am backpacking then I will just bring the coal miners light and my pocket flashlight.  There is one flashlight that I am obsessed with getting though.
That ultimate flashlight would be the Nitecore TM26 with its four, yes count them four CREE (my favorite brand of LED bulbs) XM-L2 bulbs putting out an amazing 3,800 lumins.  I can only think that it would be like holding four suns in your hand that was the size of a diet coke (because I am diabetic that is why I use the diet coke analogy) can.  So you are wondering why I haven't gone out and purchased one of these amazing flashlights yet?  That would be because they retail around 400 bucks and on EBay I see them going for around the 200 dollar mark.  That is alot of money to throw down on just holding four suns in my hand.  Then I think, that is worth the price to hold four suns in the palm of my hand isn't it?  They do make lower but similar models to the TM26 but they are no where close to the 3,800 lumins that the TM26 produces so I will always be longing for this one.  I will be saving all my nickels and pennies and one day I will hold the sun in my hand, and try not to shine it in any ones eyes.

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