Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who was the genius behind this?

My wife found this "FRS" company that is doing a promo where they will send you out some samples as long as you pay the shipping which is like 3.95 or something.  This is a pretty sweet deal because they send you alot of healthy stuff for working out and energy (I can use alot more energy now that my sinus/allergies are still killing me).  Here is the website for the free trial: 
Since my wife was already getting the free trial she decided to purchase some of their other products at the same time with a discount code she had (you know kill two thingies with one bird or something).  One of the products she picked up where these protein drinks and from the outside they look great.  They are supposed to be orange cream and who doesn't like a cream sickle pop or an orange Julius?
 I did a workout and came home to crack open one of these protein/fiber FRS drinks and the first thing that startled me was nothing came out.  Then I thought that maybe there was a protective film under the cap to be doubly sure these were safe but, nope there was no film.  So I thought that maybe they separate and need to be shaken up real good to get them to pour because there was still nothing coming out of this drink.  I shook, and I shook, then opened up the bottle and what came out was this thick baby food substance that was no drink.  This was like sludge that would not come out and I had to shake the bottle vigorously just to get it started and once it started it kind of was like baby food poop. 
Once I was done and drank/ate this protein sludge my mind started wondering who was the genius that thought to package this product in this manner?  When I finally understood what this was and the physical properties of it my brain easily said something like a wide mouth container and the words "this product is very thick and needs to be shaken vigorously to come out" on the bottle.  So all in all the taste was bad and the texture was worse but I would not recommend this product and would recommend their other products.  So go onto the inter-web and pay your 3.95 dollars and get the sampler platter and visit my facebook "Dave Hennesey" page thing where I posted a video of me trying to pour this stuff out.  I am going to have to figure out how to put videos on this blog in a simple way.
FRS protein shake being poured out

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  1. Okay so did you REALLY eat it? Did you need a knife and fork? Gross. What the s* is that, anyway? Nasty. Nice video. I was simutaneoulsy ewwww-ing and laughing with my head half turned away.