Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Questions about going number 2

 I was in the bathroom at work today (I know too much information) and was standing at the urinal going number one when I looked over at the feet of the person in the toilet stall next to me.  I noticed his pants were down around his ankles and that made me think about how I used to go pants all the way down as a kid but I haven't gone number two like that in ages and how that seemed like how kids go.  Then I thought more about this situation and that my diabetes has alot of influence on this because of my pump and I wear the 23" tubing on my ancient Animas IR 1200
 So I thought I would just kind of ask the few people that read my blog if they go pants down around the ankles because several issues came to my mind.  The first issue was cleanliness and how I know our bathroom floor or most bathroom floors have a substance on them we like to call "pee" and no matter what kind of industrial strength cleaner you use your toilet is surrounded by this "pee" so having my pants in that seems wrong.  Then second I don't like to have wrinkles in my pants so if they are all bunched up at my ankles on the "pee" floor they are getting wrinkled and the rest of the day I will have pee stains and wrinkles in my pants.  Last, is the insulin pump, like I said with a 23" tubing and the floor being of a greater distance I would have to unplug to put the pants down.  Now you have pee stains, wrinkles, and tainted insulin all from a good old number 2.
The above picture is more like me with my pants around my knees but with an insulin pump on my belt and usually my phone in hand playing some quality solitaire.

So in the long run do diabetics on "toobing" insulin pumps all go number 2 with their pants around their knees or is this like the genetic thing where some people can roll their tongue and others can't?  Maybe I am just a weirdo and other toobed diabetics are smart and get the extra long tubes and enjoy their pants around their ankles?  This does remind me of the first week I had my insulin pump like ages ago where I finally figured out how to go to the bathroom with an insulin pump on and one time I was not using the urinal but was in a stall going number 1 and my pump came off my belt.  Lucky for me with the 23" toobing the pump just dangled like 4" above the "bad zone" and I felt like the luckiest man on the planet.  We will probably never resolve this question but I am one to at least ask the question.  Do you go number 2 with pants around the ankles or at the knees?

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