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Monday, August 26, 2013

Confessions of a sandal hater.

 OK, I have a confession to make.  My feet are not feet-like, they are more like diabetic hooves and I extremely dislike anyone to see them or even worse for anyone to touch them (they are very sensitive hooves).  This was causing me great angst and worry for the recent Montana diabetes trip because, we were going to be in water alot and it was mandatory to have water shoes.  So I put down my list of must haves and have-nots.  First and foremost they had to show as little hoof as possible, then they had to drain very well, and last they had to be made out of rubber and cloth (not leather Jesus sandals).
 The search was on to find the perfect water hoof, I mean water shoe for this diabetic.  The first problem I encountered was buying water shoes in late July is probably not the smartest thing in the world.  Most places were clearing out these items for back to school space and the sizes left were like for weird large kids or basketball players.  Then I saw they have these water five finger toe looking shoes but I felt a bit weird with those and another confession is that the bottoms of my feet are more sensitive to pain than any other part of my body.  These water five finger socks seemed to be a bit extreme for me.  Then I looked at the standard Keen which was a nice thing for like 90 bucks but all I found were made of leather and looked as if they did not drain very well.  Then I started to panic as the event got closer and closer and I was no where near finding what I would wear on the boats.  My brain finally said "go to every store that sells anything like this and see what they have."  That is when I found myself late at night one day in the shoe section of Kohl's where they were closing out their water shoes and I found the pair above on sale and fit all my criteria.  Even though they are generic which scared me about them falling apart halfway through the trip or me not getting enough time to break them in and finding a weird rub with them.  They were perfect and made the trip even more memorable because of my stupid fear of people seeing my feet.  I have to get over this fear.


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