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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teaching an old diabetic new tricks

 So I am a huge fan of the belly, I mean a fan of wearing my CGM sensor, and my pump site on my belly.  It is just comforting to have my sites right under my nose where I can see them and know if they are sticking and so forth.  Well on our Montana adventure trip I was having problems keeping both my sites on my belly and was running low on my month worth of supplies I brought in just the first three days.  The lovely picture above is just before my CGM site came off from like half a roll of medical tape.

 So the youth on our diabetes adventure into the Montana wilderness told me how they hate putting their sites on their belly and prefer their butt, arms, and legs over any where else.  That was reason enough for me to give it a shot in the arm,  literally I moved my pump site from my belly to my arm.  Now I had used my arm for my omnipod back in the day but did not think it would be wise to have my Animas pump on my arm with all the tubing and stuff.  The youth taught me how they ran their tubing and so I did as they told me to do and it was amazing for about a day until I was walking along some cliffs and forgot about the site on my arm and knocked it clean off.  The picture above is of me trying to look cool and flex my little tyrannosaurus Rex baby arm.
Being the Macguyver guy that I am, I had brought some of that "sports wrap" stuff that is so popular now and when I put my pump site on my arm this time I didn't do it on the back but more onto the tender insides of my arm to protect the site and also with the slight sting always being on the inside of my arm I wouldn't forget where the site was.  The tape was a success along with the new arm location because the tape kept my klutziness from doing any damage to my site and the new location helped me not sweat off my site as well.  This was a win-win-win for old diabetes DC in so many ways.  Now I don't have the fear of wearing my tubed pump site on my arm and will keep "sports wrap" in my first aid kit going forward.  Little things like this is what makes these diabetic adventures so much fun, we all share information and hypo candy with each other.

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