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Thursday, June 27, 2013

one little thing I hate about Texas!

 I love living in Texas and all things that are Dallas.  Just there is this one stupid little bug that gets me at least once every summer.  that is the freakin fire ant.  You stand in the wrong place for just one moment and the next week or so is ruined.  They bite you so fast and so much that once a single ant is on you, it is too late.  They usually get me while I mow the lawn and this year they have come close to getting me while I mow but this year it was the trap of a mouse that suckered me into getting bit.  The picture above is about a week after I was bit because the bites look so nasty that I wanted to wait till my ankle would not make you throw up from any pictures of it.
This year my dogs were out barking at a mouse they had up a bush in the middle of the night and they would not stop barking at the mouse.  So I went out with a broom to get the mouse out and while I was knocking on the bush to flush the mouse out I noticed the wonderful feeling of burning around my ankle.  Then the burning intensified and I looked down to see my leg covered in ants.  So I jumped around and screamed like a little girl while swatting off all the ants and knew I was in trouble.  The picture above is of my middle finger where one ant bit me four times in the same spot.  Fire ants suck so bad for anybody but since I am diabetic I like to say it is worse for us.  You get the swelling afterwards, the ant fever, then it itches and if you scratch them you just added on days to your recovery.  In the end I am a moron and two days ago finally couldn't stand the itch and scratched the white heads off of all the bites and know that there might be another time like this for me before the summer is over and for sure at least once every summer till I die.

Another thing I forgot to do was use my Curazene that is always in my diabetes purse.  If you are not familiar with Curazene or missed my blog post about it, this is a staph infection antibiotic thing that is awesome on bug bites as well.  Consider it like the skin version of baking soda, you know how they say use baking soda for everything like putting it in your fridge and brushing your teeth with it.  Curazene is just like that for wound care.  So a friendly reminder is to not just have a personal first aid kit with you all the time but to go through it and note what you have and don't have in it.  If I would have done this more regularly I would have remembered that it was in my kit and would not have to had suffered the burn and the itch.  Make sure you go to their website and order yourself a free sample, I 100% guarantee you will love it and if you don't I will refund your full amount of free.

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