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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Going off the wagon

 So my editor and chief of blogging (my buddy Jeff) is always riding me about stuff I need to put on my blog.  Most of the stuff is just inside jokes between us, and some is stuff I have to be in the mood to post, and the rest is just nonsense.  Then the other day Jeff let me know he was going off the diabetes wagon and turning back to the 19th century and stopping his pump and freebasing insulin straight out of a needle.  I asked Jeff for some pictures but he didn't send any so all the pictures on today's post are just random things Jeff has sent me since the last time I posted diabetes funnies Jeff has sent me.
 With Jeff going off the diabetes insulin pump wagon I started to think about it myself.  Then real quick I put that thought aside and remembered I am not one to be doing everything the same way every day for the basal rates of a 12 hour insulin and bathroom stall insulin shots just creep me out and I would get caught with my pants down at my desk shooting up.  Not that I would ever not go off the diabetes insulin pump gravy train, just I get comfortable with everything in my life being a steady constant of chaos.  I do always like the thought of not being so dependant on Terminator 2 technology to keep me alive so I will monitor Jeff and see how he does and think about doing myself later this year.
One thing that is good about taking a break from the diabetes insulin pump wagon is that you know how to take care of yourself when the machines take over and nothing works right.  I have done the long acting insulin practice runs a few times but it has been way to long since my last end of the world with no insulin pump scenario so that is even more motivation to do it again.

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