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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am a sucker for a gimmick!

 I am what commercials are made for, a simple person that is willing to try something once.  Which reminds me, my friend Jeff was talking to my buddy Don and he was telling me Don had the funniest saying about me: "The good thing about Dave Hennesey is that he will try anything once, the bad thing about Dave Hennesey is he will try anything once."  I crack up every time I think about that saying.  how true it is.  Well this time I have been seeing that Columbia commercial with the clothes that actually make you colder when you sweat in them.  I was hooked because in Texas we get a warm season and I like to try and workout all year long so a shirt that actually gets cold when you sweat sounded like something I had to try at least once.
 OK, so first I did not believe that I would actually get cold or really much cooler with this new shirt made of unicorn blood that is sown together by people at a factory that sits on an old Indian grave site that possesses each shirt.  The first thing I noticed was how comfortable the shirt was.  Think of your favorite old worn out T-shirt combined with a modern polyester T-shirt, add in a bit of underwear softness to it and that is what you have here.  I just love having the shirt on and that is alot to say about polyester/nylon/spandex material.  My personal favorite when it comes to sitting around the house is an old cotton T-shirt but this shirt is so comfy I would easily move it to my favorite.
 Do you like my getting all of the angles of me wearing the shirt?  I am such the dork.  The next awesome thing about this shirt is that the arm pits are not the standard line down the middle of the pit.  They put like a piece of diamond material in the pit so that the shirt moves better with you and it doesn't stress the seams when you take it off.  Back to me being a dork, I just took in two polyester running shirts to my Tailor to have the arm pits resown because they had holes in them.  Most people would just throw the shirt away, or make a sleeveless shirt out of them, but not me I had them tailored back to new.  This new shirt wont have that issue though with the fancy arm pit design.  The material doesn't look like your normal shiny polyester either.  It has these little blue circles that are hard to notice from far away and the material looks almost like sci-fi cotton or something.
A little bad news is this shirt retailed for 50 bucks, but I used my 20% off coupon to get it down to an almost reasonable 40 bucks.  Then they put a tag down at the bottom that you could write the star spangle banner on it is so long.  Since the shirt cost so much I have not ripped out the tag yet and will probably take it to the tailor to have the tag removed and the shirt put back to like new status.  I guess I should give out an inter-web page so you can go and get one for yourself: and the product is called: omni-freeze zero.  Next I am going to get a 40 dollar pair of their undies and let you know how little Dave likes the cold.

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