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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Suit!

 Sunday we hosted a ride for a corporate team that is participating in the Dallas ADA Tour de Cure.  This is a photo of a large gaggle of everyone who participated.  The funny thing is the corporate team was a company called Trinity industries and I actually interviewed with them something like 6 years ago and they almost assured me I had the job but had to wait two weeks for HR and stuff to find out.  The same time I had another offer that came down two days after I interviewed with Trinity that was with a company a bit closer to home.  How small of a world we live in.
 I took this ride as a chance to see how my new tri-suit from would be.  When it comes to anything new and different I tell you all to test it out in a control environment before either going out into the woods and then finding out what is wrong with it or during an event and find out an issue.  Diabetes never likes any sort of surprise, well and it doesn't play well with consistency either but when we have data from previous experiences then we at least have sort of an idea of how things will work.  OK, so first of all, these tri-suits are tight, and I mean tight.  I felt like I was 200lbs over the obese limit when I first put this on.  You can not hide anything in these suits because you swim in them, ride in them, and finally run in this thing so baggy and loose is chaffed and sore.
 The first thing I had to sort out with this tri-suit was where to put my tons of junk I keep in those back pockets of my normal cycling jersey.  These tri-suits only have two tiny pockets on each hip which I found a way to stash my chap stick, about 5 quick sticks, and another 6 gels.  So like I told you recently, us diabetics know ways to stash all sorts of crap in places.  The only thing I didn't have room for was my CGM and pump which of course have belt clips to keep in my pants, I just normally keep them in the pockets of my cycling jersey so to not have them fall off during my ride.  In the end I just left them on the old pants and they didn't go any where because like I said these suckers are a tight fit.
The ride itself was full of all sorts of calamity.  First we had one rider throw up after we climbed our first hill, and let me tell you we really don't have any "hills" in Dallas so that was a shocker.  The guy recovered and did the 30 mile ride with us.  He said it was just the hill.  Then I was recruited to be a sweeper on the 30 mile ride, which I have never considered myself competent enough (I have severe balance issues) to actually be considered a helper with any of these rides.  I am more of a person that adds comedy to an event.  Then last we were like five miles from finishing the 30 mile ride and we had one gentleman go use the bathroom with another rider and then just took off and disappeared from the face of the earth.  Now he finished the ride and everything, just he left us and didn't let us know or anything.  In the end the tri-suit was awesome (besides showing my arms, I am not much on showing my shoulders for some reason.  Makes me feel naked) the shorts felt awesome and the top was great.  Now I am motivated to sign up for another tri-event this year and actually almost look like I should be doing these crazy things.

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