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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Happiest places at Ragnar!

 When I say that the running is like the most minor part of Ragnar let me just share with you how you go "number 1 and number 2" for two whole days.  The Port-a-pottie is where you go at all thirty some odd exchanges and it does get cumbersome to clean the seat, check for TP, and of course lock the door.
 More port-a-potties, and I would say that these were pretty nice port-a-potties.  You are asking the Diabetic Camper how I know?  Trust me I have spent much of my time doing business in these things.  When you camp as much as I have you just get used to alot of parks with these things.
 Yes, more port-a-potties, and most of them were so nice they had the "hand sanitizer" in the stall so I did not have to worry about bringing that with me.
 I thought this picture was of the same port-a-pottie as the one above but a closer look I noticed the trash cans had the logo in different spots and the dessert brush was further in the bottom one than the top one.  I guess once you have gone so many times in these things they all start to look the same.
Wait, maybe this one is the same as the one above?  Who knows because at alot of these places you are standing in line with the same people, kind of like cycle potty sisters or something.  We were like a band of gypsies along the same road dropping loads as we go!

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