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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ragnar notes

 Well my first Ragnar relay race thingy is over and I must say it was quite the adventure.  The funny thing is that the running almost seams like the side event to the event.  The event (OK for this diabetic) was more of the living with 5 other people in a van, supporting each other, monitoring each other, and keeping the spirits up for the length of time with minimal sleep.  Then coordinating everything with the other van of 6 people.
 The first good thing is that I was not so slow that my van did not have to throw "The Run Faster Rock" which is a negative motivational tool but I needed something to help scare the betes out of me.
 The instructions for "The Run Faster Rock" are pretty simple as you can see from the picture above.  Basically if I was not running fast enough then someone in the van would just throw the rock at me and the cracking of my skull would let me know to move my pace up.
The bad part about the weekend was as soon as I arrived in Phoenix my sinuses filled up and my head felt like a giant water balloon that needing to burst.  Once I realized my head needed a solid nose bleed to reduce the pressure I warned everyone in the van that I might have a massive nose bleed and not to get worried because it is a good thing and is just my sinus cavity cracking open and letting the fluid build up out.  Once I was back home in Dallas and got into my truck I heard the pop in my head and grabbed some tissues and waited for the blood to stop dripping.  Once this happens it actually feels real good because the pressure behind my eye balls either goes down or away completely giving me back my sense of brain function and I could have run faster if it would have happened before the race.  Any ways it at least drained and the same thing happened today at work but now I feel like a million bottles of insulin with no expiration date. 

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  1. Gross blood picture but whatever makes you feel better eh?
    I love the rock. I think it's awesome motivation. Run faster or you'll get hit. congrats on the relay... I hope you write more about it!