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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ragnar natural environment

 So let me tell you about Arizona and this being my first time there.  Everything is shades of brown, there are few trees and lots of rock yards.  So what pictures do you take in this arid climate?  Of course you take pictures of yourself with the local cactus plants.  Above I am trying to do one of those fake photos where it looks like I am putting my arms around the cactus.
 This cactus was tall and had finger like extensions.  Not sure why there are so many different forms of one plant in the dessert.
 Here I am standing in front of one of those huge protected cactus plants you see in the Wile -E- Coyote cartoons.
 This guy was more of the shrub form of cactus with more finger like extensions and probably reached 3 feet or so.

 Here is a better shot of me standing in front of the Wile-E-Coyote style cactus.  You can see the bird nest hole thing above my right ear.
This is like a famous cactus that when you walk buy it too closely something about the earth vibration and a persons gravitational pull makes the little balls jump off the cactus and onto you.  My friend Steve here had the wonderful experience with one.  You could tell he was not familiar with the cactus being from Philly and he did not know the propper way of removing a cactus from your shoe.  I tried to help but he already had others willing to get the thorns stuck into his shoe and toes.  Lucky for him he had already finished his three runs for the event and also there was not much damage done to his gentle diabetes feet.

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  1. Nice photos! I'd love to challenge myself to ride my bike in those sandy paths.