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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Black Friday

 So the happiest day of the year for me is black Friday.  I am not one to go out and buy hundreds of DVDs just because they are .88 cents or some fancy new TV because it is 88 dollars.  First, I just love the excitement of so many deals all at once.  OK, yes I am a cheap skate and black Friday was made for people like me.  Now this is not when I go out and get others gifts, this is when I go out and either stock up on household items or get gifts for me.  I usually don't go above the hundred dollar mark for the day and wind up passed out on a couch around noon.
 This year I did not have any real needs that matched what was on sale, lots of tablets and blue-rays but there are always random places with solid camping items, household goods, and of course cheap gifts for me.  I am getting pretty darn good at staggering my stores and open times and this year I started at Home Depot because they had some nice looking flashlights on sale.  The one you see in the pictures is a 3 c cell light that has a claimed 525 lumen's for the low price of 19.99.  Did I need to be at Home Depot to get this deal at 5am, of course not and I was the only one that bought the deal at that time.  I probably could have shown up around noon and still got one, I just love the feeling of black Friday at 4:45am in the morning watching all the other people getting those Christmas trees for 49.99 bucks.
When I was purchasing the light I did have a quandary to solve, because I love CREE bulbs and this light did not have one.  So was I to get one just to try out and expect it to be broke in a year or so, or should I get one for the rest of the family and find out these are crap and have wasted my money.  I went with the one and will see how it goes.  In the end black Friday is a great day to dream of sales, pick up random items, but when you are out there it feels so great knowing you got a sale that only comes once a year.  Now I want a flashlight with 1,000 lumens, maybe next year there will be one on sale!

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