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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I see something or is this OCD?

 I was cleaning some cast iron a couple of months ago and came across this #8 pan.  The pan was crusted in some serious rust and I did everything from electrolysis, oven cleaner, to using sand paper and a knife to get the pan this far.
 The pan is extremely pitted but the iron is of a good quality and I planned to just get the metal to an even surface, re-season and use the pan.  I purchased this skillet from a gentleman that buys entire estate sales in the Pennsylvania area and he sold me it for a good 2 bucks. 
 When I was taking the pan to bare metal I noticed in the middle of the pan a faint logo and now I swear there is something there.  I date this pan to be early 1900's but I could be way far off but, from everything I have read the heat ring, handle, and metal seem to confirm that date.  So for the past two months when I can't sleep at night I will sit at the oven with all sorts of abrasive materials and try to make out what it says.  Now I know this is not some sort of rare expensive find, I just want to know what it says.
Take a look at the pictures and either confirm I am crazy (yes we all know I am crazy) or that it does say something and I you can read what it says.  I can see a distinct two lines on the top and bottom of a word that looks like it ends in a "Y" and starts with something like an "R" or maybe a "K" or something and the rest are kind of bubbly letters.  I have even tried to make chalk rubbings and even put oil in the pan and tried to do like a wet print.  Nothing but late nights and going to bed with the lovely smell of veggie oil will solve this mystery.  Someone out there can help me I know it.

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