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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How low can you go?

 This morning I was feeling a bit slow getting out of bed and moving.  Once I had a shower, got dressed, and made my way downstairs to let the dogs out to Pee I checked my blood sugars for my morning reading.  How I was surprised when the meter told me "28" and I did not feel that low?  Lucky for me the last time I dropped by REI and picked up the "Justin's Nut Butter" I blogged about last week or so.  They had these peppermint GU's on sale for .49 cents.  I grabbed a few for my late night runs or just as a pick me up. 
 Why I prefer using GU energy gel's instead of glucose tablets is first my son thinks glucose tablets are just pixie sticks in a pill form and he sneaks one whenever I am not looking, second they do taste great and I sometimes sneak one when I am not paying attention as well, and third I feel like if you eat twenty of them you are going to raise your BG's something like 20 points then I move to the Tampico or ice cream in the freezer.
This is more of a double edged blade because on one hand I don't just sit around drinking GU packs for their great taste.  Then on the other hand when I am low I eat everything else first before eating the GU's because I am not the biggest fan of them.  Then if I have a low at night and a GU is an energy pack, who wants to stay up till midnight watching the Asian stock market updates on MSNBC?  Now these peppermint GU packs are a descent blend of taste and usefulness.  I would give the GU packs 3 syringes out of 5 syringes on my patented diabetes syringe scale for their ability to raise my sugar levels but poor on their taste which sometimes I would just rather eat a pint if ice cream than just take a glucose tablet or a GU pack.

So my journey for a CGM is pretty relevant that I need to get more technology plugged into my belly!

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  1. Oooh... awesome! I bet I'll never see those around my parts. I will rarely use GU for low treatment because I find they don't work fast enough and I am seriously impatient when I'm low.
    btw.. I LOVE your new blog header! that little guy looks just like you, it's awesome!!