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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Blood Drop Dude

 I hope everyone remembers the beginnings of "The Blood Drop Dude." I know my brother does, he was texting me with all sorts of names like stick man (old nickname of mine), half-swing (another childhood nickname of mine), and all sorts of other crazy names.  Well Deb from "Little Deb's Doodlings" has named him The Blood Drop Dude.  Above is her original artwork beginnings and below are some of the finished products.

 This one here is what we started with but Deb wanted to push the envelop and kind of give the "Dude" more of my personality.  I love his insulin pump on his side and the blood drop as a head is so cool.  I can see him telling kids how to be diabetes prepared while camping and what to do if anything does arise.

 The one above is of course the one I finally went with.  It has a touch of me in it, a touch of diabetes in it, and a touch of technology with him.  That is exactly how I roll in the woods.  I hope Deb has plenty of free time because this banner has given me all sorts of ideas for "The Blood Drop Dude."  How he is going to save the day, or maybe keep me normal during a scout Court of Honor.  I was talking drunk and all sorts of stuff at the last one.  When someone says: "give him a cookie."  They literally mean give me a cookie.

Here is the last one where Deb turned the blood drop into a picture of me camping.  Maybe we can have one where the blood drop dude is like talking to me in a dream or telling me what to look out for while out camping in the woods.  Diabetes and camping can get along great in the outdoors with the right preparation, skills, and training.  Please be safe out there everyone.  Old man winter will be upon us in no time and that means all sorts of issues with diabetes in the cold.

Please take a moment and drop by Deb's blog: and look at the children's books she writes and also she does the artwork.  It is amazing how she comes up with these amazing ideas and can put them into a book. 


  1. Aww, thanks, Dave. I think Blood Drop Dude is your alter ego. He's your Superman. Camper Dave out enjoying nature when suddenly he comes across a diabetic person who needs help . . . da da dahhhhhh, Blood Drop Dude to the rescue. :D

    Hey, I just had a brainstorm . . . how about a coloring/activity book about diabetes starring little Blood Drop Dude?? There could be pictures of foods to enjoy in moderation, supplies needed, maybe a patient visiting the doctor's office for a checkup . . . Maybe someone from the Diabetes Foundation would be interested??? Sounds fun to me!

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea! Great artwork Deb and thanks for helping Dave on his quest to be a recognized Diabetes blogger!