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Thursday, May 19, 2011

omnipod fun

I switched to the omnipod last January 2011 and was amazed by the simplicity of use and my control was better.  The issues started in the spring when the weather changed.  I found the fun of sweating my pod off once a day because of sweat.  The pods run me 20 bucks each so this was getting expensive .  My wife had the great idea for me to use my omnipod in the winter and switch back to my traditional wired Animas IR 1200 pump in the summer.  This has been working out great.  Each pump has it advantages and disadvantages. 

So last weekend I was taking my boy scout troop on a 13 mile backpacking trip and I really wanted to use my Omnipod since it is still technically spring still and the weather was to be cool. 

I use the REI halfdome to sleep in and Friday night as I was getting ready for bed, and another one of those negatives for the pod came up.  The halfdome tent is hard for anyone over four feet tall to get in and out of with ease.  As I called it a night around midnight I climed into my tent only to tear my pod right off of my arm.  So I spent the next half hour changing my pod and thinking of another 20 bucks down the drain.  Also was thinking how I only brought 4 pods to last the weekend.

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