Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Make the most of what you have

 I love trying new things.  They are even better when they are free and easy.  Recently Heather and I went camping at Sea Rim State Park.  This park is on the gulf coast where Louisiana and Texas meet.  The atmosphere is interesting where the swamp meets the gulf so you can see alligators while hanging out at the beach.  

When we travel to a new area the research starts with searching for things one must see, then there are things one must eat, then there are things one must do.  A travel plan and daily itinerary is formed from what we find in the results of our searches and one of those items I found was to go blue crab fishing.  

Blue crab fishing from what I found on youtube consists of a rope with a chicken neck tied to it and a net.  I don't know why it had to be a chicken necks but this seemed easy and fun.  Well we had brought a Cornish game hen to eat as one of our dinners but the recent damp warm air made the mosquitos impossible to be outside of our camper in the evenings to cook.  We don't cook in the camper because well it just takes away that feeling of camping.  We altered our evening dinner plans to heading to town and enjoying the local seafood restaurants.  I used our now defunct dinner plans as bait and some simple 550 paracord that I usually keep way too much of laying around in my truck and I was off and fishing for blue crab.

With my first toss out I had a bite and gently pulled in my blue crab catch and I was hooked.  This blue crab fishing thing was easy and absolutely a blast.  Heather even enjoyed watching me pull in crab after crab while trying to get a single bar of coverage on her phone to find an interesting place to eat dinner.  You are wondering how this relates to diabetes and why is this important?   Living with the type 1 juvenile sugar diabetes is hard and it sneaks up on you.  I have had it for 33 years and it has given me a couple of heart attacks and kidney disease but, by surrounding myself with positive people and being willing to try things and actively checking off my bucket list items.  I feel so happy and love everything about life.  There are no more marathons for me, there are no more triathlons for me, and there are no more 100 mile bike rides for me.  Does any of this make me feel sad or down?  Not at all, because I have done them and now that I can't do them I can move on and catch blue crabs(or any other fun activity) with Heather and keep creating good times with the things that I can do.  So from me to all of you: don't waste time being angry or sad about diabetes, surround yourself with positive people, do things that you can do that make you happy, and do it now!  Who knows what type 1 juvenile sugar diabetes will bring you tomorrow but today there is the opportunity for your blue crab fishing activity with fun friends to make you happy.


The Diabetic Camper


  1. What a fun picture! Attitude is such a key for us, isn’t it? Way to make the most of it. Keep on trucking’!

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