Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy World Diabetes Day!

 So today is the day that all diabetics that are on the social media stuff know that the entire world comes together to celebrate diabetes (no one besides diabetics celebrate diabetes day) and how even though there isn't a cure, we don't let it stop us.  I love diabetes day because I get to harass all my coworkers that hound me to wear pink on breast cancer day that I am not American if I don't wear pink on that day that they don't like diabetes because they aren't wearing blue on diabetes day (trust me I let them know that I will be hounding them on diabetes day).  The thing is that diabetes day could be a great day to spread awareness but instead we have the worst marketing campaign on the planet and almost nobody knows that today they are supposed to hug and kiss their favorite diabetic or something and wear blue.  I think you are supposed to also test your blood sugars, go and exercise for thirty minutes and test them again.  I love the picture above, I was playing around the day after Halloween in the 50% off kids costume isle at Walmart and put on the shark thing and my good diabetic buddy Jeff spent hours doctoring up the picture with the inter-global symbol of diabetes.  The awkward looking blue circle.
 I think that a lot of our problems is due to the fact that there are so many forms of diabetes that are similar in only one way and that is insulin (all diabetics don't have enough of it).  You have type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and juvenile diabetes.  Then there are no outwardly appearances of having diabetes, I remember as a kid being depressed because everyone made fun of me because I had a disease where I couldn't eat cookies.  Diabetes is the only disease that the entire world makes fun of.  I was listening to the AM radio one late night going home from work and the gentlemen on the radio station were talking about Kim Jong Un the leader of north Korea and I almost got into a wreck when they went over all his illnesses like gout, cyst on his foot, high blood pressure, an addiction to swiss cheese, and the worst of all diabetes.  Then they go into this rant about how diabetes is so bad that no one with it could possibly run a country so there has to be someone in the background doing everything because it is such a dilapidating disease and no ruler of a country could ever have it.  I didn't know if I should be mad because I kinda like to think I could at least rule my house of one with it or happy because they understood how flippin hard it is to always have diabetes on the mind.  Not to mention how much juvenile diabetes I have.

Then there are the countless weight loss commercials about reversing diabetes.  I want to so badly go into these places and pay them to reverse my diabetes.  How do they get away with that crap?  Not to mention the cinnamon, water, aloe vera, noni juice and other crap that grows under rocks that can cure it.  The good thing is that we finally are almost seeing some real progress in the bare minimum of better devices and medicines to help us control it well enough for that infamous five year cure to come around.

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