Monday, May 19, 2014

Allergy test

So I told you last week about my adventure in the Oklahoma City memorial marathon in April.  So with all good problems comes the testing to see if this will happen again and what did happen.  My doctor asked me to do a stress test on my heart which I have scheduled (Those heart people are harder to get an appointment with than an endocrinologist).  Then the doctor that performed my internal nose job asked me to come in and do an allergy test.  The photo above is where they poke you over and over with all sorts of needles filled with everything outside that could cause people issues.
The cool thing about the allergy testing is you know right then and there what you are and aren't allergic to.  Turns out I am allergic to diabetes, just kidding.  I am allergic to Bermuda grass, timothy grass, English plantain weeds, marsh elder weeds, mountain cedar trees, mesquite trees, kitty cats, mold, and dust mites.  Now with this information they can inject me with the truth serum that will help my immune system defend myself from these evil things.  The cool thing is the nurse lady told me about putting those wet the bed cover things onto your mattresses and pillows to get rid of the dust bunnies.  who would have know that I can cure my bed wetting issues and allergies with the same mattress trash bag? 

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