Friday, April 20, 2012

Get your guns out!

 A while back I was out searching for a new place to get some mulch for my garden.  One of the places I came across had this fountain out front of their business and as I walked by I thought how neat it was.  Then as I passed I thought it was some sort of rendition of a kid playing back in the day like he was a cowboy in the rain.
Then I got close to it and noticed the boy had "super soaker" water guns not cap guns like I originally thought.  That is when I realized how times have changed and a kid with a super soaker is the modern day gun compared to the old cap gun I had as a kid.  Once me and the boys finished playing war with our cap guns we took the rest of the black powder shots and would beat them with a brick.  I once found a store that had a gatlin gun cap gun and bought it for my son.  He played with the caps in it for about a day or so then just used his "Imagination" the rest of the time.  I wonder if a kid was found with caps on him now if he would get in trouble?  The kid in the fountain probably wishes he had a cap gun instead of silly looking super soaker guns.  I guess this is alot like diabetes.  We used to go around with needles in everything we owned and now with the pump and pens you almost never see a diabetics needles.  My needles are so old and have been in my bag so long most of the writing has rubbed off and I haven't even used the needle, it is my back up in case my pump breaks. 

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