Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving!

 Well, my office decorations did not win me a prize in our companies contest.  I do like how I used my glucagon injection kit as part of my decorations.  These items were all taken from my wife's stock pile of random holiday decorations.
 OK so to the gift.  Yesterday I wrote about how my son, two of his friends and I went to the Endurance Challenge on Saturday.  Well when we got back my buddy Paul was smiles from ear to ear.  He had a camera out and was snapping all sorts of pictures.  I asked him if he received a new camera and he replied no this is just an old camera he had for a while.  Now this was about 10:30pm at a 7-11 gas station and the boys were tired and the holloween weekend crowd was out in full force.  Paul opens the back to his car so the boys can load their gear from the weekend in it and he starts to move around this big box.  Then Paul pulls out the box and hands it to my son and says: "Zaine, I have a present for you."  Zaine took the box which was heavily used and kind of open at the top.The box looked to me like it was full of just random things Paul had in his garage.  Zaine likes anything old and garage worthy so I did not pay much attention to it.  Once Zaine opened that box he thought it was some old clothes and grabs at it.  Then Pete the Chicken moved and scared him to death. 

Paul and Deb tell us of how they came home that afternoon and this box was on their front door saying something like "please take me home" or something.  Deb opened the box thinking someone left her a puppy.  She really likes dogs and was excited.  Then she realized this dog was a chicken.  A couple of hours later the neighbors came by and told them they put the box on their front step as a gag.  They received Pete the Chicken at a White elephant party and were planning on just dropping Pete the Chicken off at the vet for someone to take and make fried chicken out of.  Paul instantly thought of giving Pete the Chicken to Zaine since he knew about his AG project.
Zaine was so excitied.  He is in AG this year at school and well, we live in the burbs and are out of town most weekends so this limited his places to raise a farm animal.  He wanted to do like  a cow, pig or goat but he does not have the ability or time to make it to the AG barn every night of the week.  So a compromise was he could raise chickens in our yard.  Now he has been extremely slow at building this chicken coupe and with this gift of his first chicken, it hopefully will motivate him to finish the yard and the coupe.  We of course have three dogs and an HOA that he has to keep this out of their sight and sound.  So far Pete the Chicken is very quiet and she does not need much.  What amazing fortunes and things that happen in this game called life.  Pete the Chicken made us so happy and excited even after the game 7 choke by the Rangers.

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