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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2015 year of diabetes review

So here we are another year where I have let you down by barely posting on my blog.  I am probably a little late to do a year in review but hey, its my blog right?  I had the best year of my life so far as I can remember.  It all started with the Little Rock marathon in March with one of my best buddies, then The Oklahoma city memorial marathon in April (which the year before I kinda had like heart issues and had to quit around mile 16 due to how much I enjoyed life over death).  There was the tour de cure in June.  August I rode in the hotter than hell 100 mile bike ride.  September I participated in the Plano balloon festival half marathon and  my first 70.3 distance triathlon.  We did the capital to coast 226 relay run in October with a great gaggle of fellow diabetics.  Then I visited my uncle and his family in Richmond, VA during the month of November and did the Richmond marathon and did a sprint triathlon with a coworker.

I think the year wasn't so great because I participated in so many events but because I felt so great and so many people helped me to accomplish these things.  It's like my good buddies Don and Jeff and their little bit of poking each other all the time.  Don three years ago or so was harassing Jeff that even though Jeff is a great cyclist he couldn't keep up with Don when it came to running.  So after years of harassing, Jeff started running to prove to Don that he could run as well.  So now Jeff runs and runs like the wind.  Then Don started to harass Jeff that he couldn't swim as good as he can.  Then you can guess it, Jeff started swimming last month with Don.  Now they are harassing me to join them in the 2017 Houston full distance iron man.  There is something about pushing someone with positive timely support.  Don never gave up on trying to get Jeff to run with us over the years and Jeff finally gave in and we took him out with us and showed him the joy of running.  Not the negative leaving someone or making fun of them way.  Plus there is not the "we have to get ready by this date for this specific event" we know that life starts at the beginning and lasts until we are worm food so getting in shape just for a moment of our lives is the wrong way to look at it.  We should think about keeping our goals: fun, realistic, attainable, measurable, and timely.  Then it is something that is embedded into your life and you want to do it not because you have diabetes and you have to do it.  So getting so many participation medals for traveling to see family and running a marathon, or being with one of your best friends as they complete their first marathon or calming a coworker as they rock their first sprint triathlon, and hanging out in the middle of the night in a random Texas gas station talking about life with one of my favorite diabetic buddies Mason while waiting for our next leg of the capital to coast relay are the things that made last year great.  I like getting so many participation medals because it means that I am staying healthy, training with some of the greatest people in my life, and pushing myself to do things I never thought I could ever do.

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  1. I sure miss your postings and musings. They make me laugh. One day if I ever meet you in real life I bet my sides will hurt.