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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Artistic Family Members

 I am about the least skilled person with my hands.  That doesn't bother me since I am freakin awesome with the comedy but I do always wish I could do anything besides comb my hair, wipe my butt, and feed myself with my hands.  On the other hand, I have family members that are amazing with what they can do with their hands and one of them is my Uncle Jack who grew up in New Orleans and went to school for pottery.  I have always loved my uncle's pots, bowls, and mugs.  Not because he is family but the earthy colors he uses in the glazes are just exactly my favorite colors.  He and I have similar tastes in art so that is probably why he does so much stuff that I really enjoy.  The only part of his work that I am not the biggest fan of is probably the gargoyles he does, but faces and stuff like that always scare me.  I don't like dolls either, I think it was the movie Poltergeist that scared me out of that stuff.  Above is a picture I took of my Uncle while visiting the family in Richmond, VA.  He is standing in front of his local art exhibition.
One think my Uncle and my entire family are horrible at is marketing and promoting ourselves and talents.  He makes the most amazing coffee mugs and beer steins ever and has recently started selling them at the local coffee shop where he offers a free cup of coffee with every coffee cup purchased for a limited time.  The owner of the shop loves his coffee cups so much that my Uncle has been asked to do more at the store and they share in the proceeds, like a win-win situation.  Over the Christmas season he sent me the awesome covered pot you see in the picture above with a batch of home made pralines (I freakin love pralines).  I loved the covered pot so much that I want my diabetes laden ashes put in it when I die it is so cool.  I love the greens, tan and touch of blue mixed in on the pot.  I told him that he really needs to find a person who can do the marketing of his pottery and promote his work so that he can get more of this amazing stuff into peoples hands.  Everyone who has coffee at my place asks me where I got my coffee cups from because they are not only beautiful but also comfortable in your hands.  So this week I got a surprise email from my Uncle that had a link to his first website where he is selling his ware and showcasing his works. 

So if you all don't mind please visit my Uncle's website and maybe even shoot him an email: because he didn't put a lot of his famous coffee mugs and steins on the website and mention that you want one of his secret diabetes friendly coffee mugs that were featured on the diabetic campers blog and he told me that you would also get 1 dollar off a 10 dollar coffee mug for a limited time.

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