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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yield to Peds

OK so I am training for the Philly marathon on November 17th and I enjoy running on a certain trail by my house.  Well it is not exactly by my house but within ten miles and this trail is 11 mile loop and I enjoy running it twice.  The trail is a good because it has things to distract me while I run like a dog park, ponds with ducks and kids fishing, play ground parks, and nice homes along the way.  Last Sunday I was on this trail running along and all of the sudden a cyclist buzzes by me and he is yelling at me some random get on my side of the trail and stuff.  This upset me and so I knew he would be back so I definitely was going to mess with him when he came back.

About ten minutes later he comes cycling back and I get in the middle of the trail and ask him why he can't yield to pedestrians.  He responded back with, if I didn't have my earphones turned up so loud I would have heard him yelling at me to get out of the way.  So I asked him the question of "what if I were deaf?"  The guy says back to me, "if you were deaf you would have a shirt on that said deaf on the back."  At that moment I nearly exploded and jumped the guy.  I then lifted up my shirt to show my diabetes pump and CGM and told the guy I had diabetes should I wear a shirt that says diabetic on the back all the time?  He got real scared that I was about to beat his a$$ and I asked him if he hated all diseased people?  I then calmed down and told the guy I was a cyclist and when you are on a trail the pedestrians have the right away and that the cyclist yields to the pedestrian.  He smarted off and said that pedestrians are supposed to stick to the side of the trail so cyclist can get by.  I decided to leave because there was no way I could beat that much stupid out of him. 

His comment made me so upset because at times it does seem like all us diseased people are supposed to constantly educate the stupid that we have diseases and certain things are not as easy for us, like diabetics need insulin to digest a cookie and stuff. 

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