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Monday, November 11, 2013

Glucolift travel tubes

I was thinking the other day about my dilemma with the bad tube of fast acting glucose tablets.  The raspberry ones that had water get into the container and spoiled the tablets.  My thinking was how my friend Chris Angel and his company Glucolift has these awesome travel tubes that you can refill and they don't leak any water.  Actually it was a tube of Glucolift travel tubes filled with orange creme tablets that rescued my bad glucose tablets.  It is funny how something so simple can impact your life in such a great way.  Chris has these travel tubes on his website for a few dollars and they are amazing.  First they fit any brand of glucose tablets and they are re-usable.  I have reused the cheap generic glucose tablet tubes before and they are nothing to write home about, but the Glucolift travel tubes are awesome.  I have like six or seven of these travel tubes and they are awesome to keep your tablets in a safe, waterproof, and durable container.  Go to website and take a look at them and if you have never tried Glucolift tablets I would reccomend you picking up a bottle of the orange creme.  You will almost enjoy getting a little low to eat these all natural diabetes treats.

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