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Monday, November 18, 2013

What is Juvenile Diabetes?

 So this past weekend was the Philadelphia marathon and also the diabetes symposium.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to take my mother with me on a field trip a day early and explore the city where America was founded.  We decided to see the Philadelphia museum of art and from the photo above you can tell that the juvenile diabetes was in full bloom.  I had so much fun and this was really a great museum besides my juvenile ways.
 Here I am looking like I am going to pick the nose of this statue.  Since I am always finding ways to do funny stuff this was pretty easy stuff to get away with even though the museum security was watching me.  They seem to be behind the times and don't realize that cell phones not only have a rear facing camera but a front facing camera and when I looked like I was next to this guy trying to get a photo of the statue across the room I really was snapping these photos.  If I only put this much effort into the rest of my life.
 After a while I went even further down the juvenile road and started to do funny pictures of me pointing at bare naked boobed sculptures.  Notice how I had to use my finger to show you the naked boobs on this lady?  Very classy right?
Here is another shameless boob picture of me showing you where hers were at.  The security was in this room as well and even moved out of my way thinking I was taking a picture of the bust of a guy across the room.  One day I will grow up and not have fun, but until that day comes I am milking this as much as I can.

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