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Monday, January 28, 2013

The funniest British comedy on earth!

I came across this show the other night as I was watching some late night public television.  Recently public television has added some good nightly political shows and also I love the Nightly Business Report, but some how as I was doing stuff this "Posh Nosh" show was on and I was instantly laughing my head off.

Above is the episode I saw where they are making "sauces" and they change a bunch of stuff around to make it funny like instead of peeling something they are embarrassing it, and the ingredients get crazy like organic well water, or top shelf organic salt.  The end of this episode where the gentleman shows the color of yellow that the sauce is to be just cracks me up.  Once I saw this show I knew instantly that this was some golden comedy and looked up the show online and found out they only made 9 episodes each nine minutes long.

The thing to do is to watch these a few times so you get the multi-layers of comedy they put into this show kind of like how you have to watch the movie "Old School" over and over to memorize the funny snoop-a-loop sayings and the guy in the green hat stuff.

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