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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Diabetes and Technology

 So I am always thinking in my head of "great ideas" that would simplify my life and most of that has to deal with new and added technology.  First there was the electronic meter that showed me what my BG's were instead of me trying to figure out what scale of green and tan the visual strip was.  Then The insulin pump came along and liberated my life.  The last diabetes technology was the CGM which I must say is freaking amazing and scary at the same time, since your meter is already up to 20% off of your actual numbers and the CGM can be another 20% off of that so you still have to stick with a fall back and I am sure all pump wearers (including myself) has a syringe tucked away just in case that pump goes crazy.
 From Thanksgiving till now I have been searching for a digital camera that was "waterproof" or at least some form of "water-resistant" but I wanted it on the cheap while also being of high quality and ease of use.  This is another "how to simplify my life with more technology" kind of cure I was looking for.  I have a basket at the house full of cameras I have broke, dropped in water, and destroyed and to this day the camera on my cellular telephone has been my best option for sharing my world through pictures to you all.  So recently I came across this 14 meger pixers camera that was waterproof for like 5 meters that was made by the classic company Kodak.  This was on one of those daily emails and for something like 50 bucks with free shipping it was all mine.  I did have to deal with the color options of red or red and I am not picky so red it was.  Now I have this freakin kick but 14 meger pixer camera I can take under water and all sorts of fun and stuff, just with one problem, I actually have to take the camera out and shoot the pictures.  So far I have been a lazy indoor person but I am seeing that just having a camera won't cure me of the photo blues, I have to incorporate this piece of technology into my daily life somehow.  Back to how this was a good idea in my head and not so much in real life to this point.
I think if I can get some sort of small camera bag so that I am not scared the camera Will get busted up being with me and maybe I can strap it to my bike for our bike rides, and on my belt for runs, and onto my backpack and on and on.  This just shows that technology alone won't simplify our lives, we have to incorporate routines with technology to simplify our lives and I have learned that with this camera.  Just like the camera on my cellular telephone is my main camera, my pump is my source of insulin (because it is inserted into my belly), and testing BG's is always done with a meter that fits into my diabetes man purse which goes into my diabetes man briefcase.  One day this camera and I will be best friends.

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